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Announcement for VIDEO PARTY in KYOTO 2019
There are many video works created by various independent artists these days, many of which seem to have no storylines and contents hard to comprehend. But the potential of this media is limitless and there are many fresh imageries being created continuously. Unfortunately, we do not have enough occasions in which we can come in contact with borderless variations of the genre. It is for this reason we assemble this VIDEO PARTY, where we can screen and make records of these ever-growing works of independent artists, as well as to simply increase the opportunity for Indies video works to be seen.
Based in Kyoto, the VIDEO PARTY has been organized for independent artists to exhibit their works, regardless of their nationality, affiliation, standpoint and genre - ranging from drama, animation, experimental and documentary - and has been screening publicly offered works, since 2013. For this year, the PARTY will be held in July (provisional), at the “Lumen Gallery”, a video-specialized gallery established in Kyoto.
We have also started the work exchange program since 2014, in cooperation with several overseas film festivals, educational establishments and Indies film screening organizations. In 2016, we had successful screenings in Taiwan, South Korea and Macau and China, to introduce participating works of the VIDEO PARTY. We plan to expand the interaction and create more opportunities to screen in more locations this year.
We anticipate your joining to this opportunity of witnessing the future and exploring the potentials of video works, woven by various independent artists.
Hence, we would like to invite everybody to subscribe your works.
This year's event will be held at Lumen gallery in Kyoto on July 27 (Sat)-28 (Sun) and August 3 (Sat)-4 (Sun) for 4days.


In order to subscribe your work to the VIDEO PARTY, you need to register first.
This year's reception has ended. Thank you for your participation.

Rules for Subscription 2019


Your nationality, occupation, school or company you belong to, whether you are a student, a teacher or a plain working adult, anything regarding your affiliations and social standings will not affect your qualification as an applicant.

Limitation of work length

Within 15 minutes

Requirement for Entry

There is no limitation in contents, technique or genre. The year of production will not affect its entry also. Just for the sake of giving a clue to those who are planning to create a new work from now, we also set “collage” as this years theme. You can either make reference to it in your work, or no reference at all.
Only requirements are that the work is originally created by the applicant, and that the images, sound and any other material used in the work must be free of copyright problems. Basically there will be no examinations for submitted works.

Application fee

No application fees required, but please note that we will not be able to reimburse any money for showing your work either.

Step 1:
Sunday, May 19th, Deadline for Declaration of Participation (Closed)

Submit your declaration of participation along with informations listed below to entry form by May 19th.


Necessary Information

・Name of the applicant (noms de plume and group names also applicable)
・Information of the applicant (Occupations, affiliations or titles, if any)
・Work title (if any)
・Genre (e.g., animation, drama or experimental, just as a reference)
・Running time (estimation also applicable)
・Year of production

Step 2:
Sunday, June 16st, Deadline for Submitting Work Description

Please submit information describing your work, as listed below, to info@af-plan.com. We will start making publicity materials based on your information.

Necessary Information

・Name of the applicant
・Work title
・Running time
・Screen shots of the work (Resolution; 853×480[640×480] pixels, 72DPI, square pixels, JPEG format)
・Biography(about 100 characters)
・Comments on your work (for announcements)

Step 3:
Sunday, July 14th, Deadline for Submission of Work

Send in your work data in designated format we inform you later on, by July 14th.

Format for Movie Files

For SDs
・Resolution: 720×480(4:3)854×480(16:9)
・Formats: QuickTime of MP4 formats, H.264 (less than 3Mbps) codec
For HDs
・Resorution: 1280×720 or 1920×1080
・Formats: QuickTime of MP4 formats, H.264 (less than 20Mbps) codec.

Contact Us



Activity record


Screening by students of Kyoto Art College



Osaka Seikei University Student Works Exhibition

「OSAKA SEIKEI VIDEO PARTY !」Art Me (Takatsuki, JAPAN) 35 works


Exchange exhibition of Nagoya Gakugei University and Osaka Seikei University

「VIDEO PARTY 2012」Art Lab. Aichi (Nagoya, JAPAN) 15 works


Held as the first public exhibition

「VIDEO PARTY KYOTO 2013」Maruni Atelier Cafe (Kyoto, JAPAN) 39 works


Start work exchange with Future Film Day in Taiwan

「VIDEO PARTY KYOTO 2014」Kyoto Cinema (Kyoto, JAPAN) 45 works
「Youth Generation Film Festival 2014」Museum of Contemporary Art (Taipei, TAIWAN) 9 works


Start work exchange between Korea and Macau

「VIDEO PARTY KYOTO 2015」京都 Lumen gallery (Kyoto, JAPAN) 38 works
「Youth Generation Film Festival 2015」Museum of Contemporary Art (Taipei, TAIWAN) 12 works
「Youth Generation Film Festival 2015」PARK LANE BY SPLENDOR (Taichung, TAIWAN) 12 works
「Busan Kyoto Video Exhibition」Tong Myong University (Busan, KOREA) 6 works
「PRESENT FUTURE FILM FESTIVAL」iCentre (Macau) 12 works
「KINO VISION」Lumen gallery (Kyoto, JAPAN) 10 works


Work exchange spreads

「VIDEO PARTY KYOTO 2016」Lumen gallery (Kyoto, JAPAN) 87 works
「Busan Kyoto Video Exhibition」Tong Myong University (Busan, KOREA) 11 works
「Busan Kyoto Video Exhibition」15 feet under (Busan, KOREA) 20 works
「PRESENT FUTURE FILM FESTIVAL」iCentre (Macau) 17 works
「KINO VISION」京都 Lumen gallery (Kyoto, JAPAN) 13 works
「Windows of Formosa Film Festival」 Windsor Hotel (Taichung, TAIWAN) 5 works


Exchange with Japan and China

「VIDEO PARTY x EZO FILM 2017」Maruba-Kaikan(Sapporo, JAPAN)/Lumen gallery (Kyoto, JAPAN) 7 works
「VIDEO PARTY KYOTO 2017」Lumen gallery (Kyoto, JAPAN) 65 works
「Shenzhen 3rd Independent Animation Biennale」OCT-LOFT (Shenzhen, China) 10 works
「VIDEO PARTY in Nishiwaga」Sasou-kan (Iwate, JAPAN) 34 works
「Busan Kyoto Video Exhibition」Lumen gallery (Kyoto, JAPAN) 13 works
「Windows of Formosa Film Festival」 Windsor Hotel (Taichung, TAIWAN) 10 works


American first screening

「VIDEO PARTY on Tour in Richmond!」SEDIMENT Arts(Richmond, USA) 23 works
「VIDEO PARTY KYOTO 2018」Lumen gallery (Kyoto, JAPAN) 94 works
「PRESENT FUTURE FILM FESTIVAL」iCentre (Macau) 13 works


Tokyo first screening

「Tokyo Eizo Brig. PARTYS」Image Forum (Tokyo, JAPAN) 20 works
「VIDEO PARTY x EZO FILM 2019」SCARTS (Sapporo, JAPAN) / Lumen gallery (Kyoto, JAPAN) 12 works


Participant list

相馬 あかり / Akari Sōma(映像作家)
笠原 明枝 / Akie Kasahara(会社員)
三宅 章介 / Akiyoshi Miyake(Ungeziefer)
KUAD情デ・アニメーション基礎受講生 / Animation basics students of KUAD Information Design(京都造形芸術大学情報デザイン学科学生2年・3年次生)
鈴木 杏奈 / Anna Suzuki(大学生)
ARCHIVES PAY(アーティストコレクティブ)
iY0Yi (Atsushi Hashimoto)
櫻井 篤史 / Atsushi Sakurai(映像作家)
區 諾言 / AU NOK IN(マカオ當下未來影展2018年度入選作品)
林 展揚,湛 穎深 / Cecilia Cham, Lam Chin Ieong(マカオ當下未來影展2018年度入選作品)
山中 千尋 / Chihiro Yamanaka(画家・映像作家)
野田 ちか子 / Chikako Noda(音楽家&映像作家)
鍾 俊彥 / Chong Chon In(マカオ當下未來影展2018年度入選作品)
FMCイラスト工房 / FMC illustration Factory(イラストレーター)
豊田 がく / Gaku Toyota(まんが・イラスト屋さん)
中島 楽人 / Gakuto Nakajima(学生)
はなび / Hanabi(総合映像制作グループ YMC代表)
三木 はるか / Haruka Miki(塾講師/映像作家)
ミタニハルカ / Haruka Mitani(フィルムクイーン)
和島 ひかり / Hikari Wajima(学生)
大西 宏志 / Hiroshi Onishi(京都造形芸術大学 映像作家)
楠本 博登 / Hiroto Kusumoto(学生)
ないとう日和 / Hiyori Naito(アニメーター)
Hiromi Omaki(臨時職員(成安造形大学))
張 翛慧 / Hui swift Zhang(京都市立芸術大学 構想設計 学生)
I-hui Lee(Director)
Jiang Tingxuan(京都造形芸術大学 大学院生)
景 燁 / Jing Ye(京都造形芸術大学大学院 留学生)
万城目 純 / Jun Manjome(artist)
丁 凱馨 / Kaixin Ding(学生)
甘 梓熊,胡 燕婷 / Kam Chi Hong,Wu In Teng(マカオ當下未來影展2018年度入選作品)
赤堀 香菜 / Kana Akahori(イメージフォーラム映像研究所第42期修了)
長田 華音 / Kanon Nagata(大学生)
山田 香凜 / Karin Yamada(北海道教育大学、EZOFILM)
馮 祉穎 / Kasee Fong(マカオ當下未來影展2018年度入選作品)
近藤 利洋 / Kazuhiro Kondo(京都造形芸術大学大学院生)
相内 啓司 / Keiji Aiuchi(映像造形作家)
金井 啓太 / Keita Kanai(東京藝術大学大学院 メディア映像専攻)
Kimberly Quah(大学生)
張 焯敏 / Kobe Cheong(マカオ當下未來影展2018年度入選作品)
高橋 幸太郎 / Kotaro Takahashi(映像作家)
中村 古都子 / Kotoko Nakamura(アニメーション制作)
奥野 邦利 / Kunitoshi Okuno(日本大学芸術学部 教授)
桑田 真帆 / kuwatamaho(北海道教育大学岩見沢校学部4年)
林 恭平 / Kyohei Hayashi(電子音響音楽家)
Kyu Nyun Kim(Artist)
呂 昕揚 / Lyu Xinyang(学生)
Mahzoun Maryam(Student)
丸山 真貴子 / Makiko Maruyama(京都精華大学芸術学部映像コース アシスタント)
伊藤 仁美 / Masami Ito(映像作家)
荒木 優光 / Masamitsu Araki(アーティスト、音楽家)
橘 雅也 / Masaya Tachibana(北海道教育大学)
陳 美齡 / Mei-Ling Chen(マカオ當下未來影展2018年度入選作品)
陳 美齡 & 鄭 宇翰 / Mei-Ling Chen & Yu-Han Cheng(マカオ當下未來影展2018年度入選作品)
ライオンズ マイケル / Michael Lyons(立命館大学映像学部教授)
小野寺 海香 / Mika Onodera(北海道教育大学岩見沢校2年)
もりなか みく / Miku Morinaga(アルバイト)
岡 むつみ / Mutsumi Oka(デザイナー)
加藤 菜々子 / Nanako Kato(京都市立芸術大学 学生)
吳 嘉恩 / NG KA IAN/Hsu, Yun Ting(マカオ當下未來影展2018年度入選作品、DIRECTOR)
柳瀬 昇 / Noboru Yanase(元ヴォワイアンシネマテークメンバー)
小野 ハナ / Onohana(アニメーション作家(UchuPeople))
おりえ / Orie Nakamura(学生)
Plan B Workgroup(Artist collective)
Ralambozatovo Narianja Vololoniaina(学生)
横須賀 令子 / Reiko Yokosuka(アニメーション作家)
Rikako Kamomae(学生)
ムラカミロキ / Roki Murakami(虚構家)
高橋 良太 / Ryota Takahashi(映像クリエイター)
高山 隆一 / Ryuichi Takayama(大学教員)
西田 知司 / Satoshi Nishida(映像作家)
伊藤 早耶 / Saya Ito(個人アニメーション作家)
林 紗綾香 / Sayaka Hayashi(映像作家)
聖和学園高校3年生 / Seiwagakuen High School(高校生)
河原 雪花 / Setsuko Kawahara(大学院生)
伊奈 新祐 / Shinsuke Ina(京都精華大学教員)
吳 俊 / Steven(マカオ當下未來影展2018年度入選作品)
蘇茵 / Su Yin(学生)
うえだしょうた / Syota Ueda(アニメーション作家)
しゅ げいぜん / Syu Geisen(京都市立芸術大学 構想設計研究科)
半田 泰一 / Taichi Handa(北海道教育大学岩見沢校 映像研究室)
宮崎 渉大 / Takahiro Miyazaki(京都精華大学大学院 映像専攻)
三輪 隆 / Takashi Miwa(映像作家)
吉田 孝行 / Takayuki Yoshida(映画作家)
片岡 拓海 / Takumi Kataoka(会社員)
大谷 たらふ / Tarafu Otani(アニメーション作家)
映像基礎1チーム+相内 啓司 / Team Video basis1+Keiji Aiuchi(京都精華大学芸術学部「映像基礎1」受講生)
小池 照男 / Teruo Koike(映像作家)
伊東 哲哉 / Tetsuya Ito(会社員)
渡井 登紀子 / Tokiko Watai(東京映像旅団)
大原 とき緒 / Tokio Ohara(Director)
Tomo & Ryota(Reel-to-Reel / りーるとぅりーる)
岡松トモキ / Tomoki Okamatsu(写真家)
tschoe one (artist)
うずしむ / uzushimu(京都造形芸術大学、学生)
冼 永昇 / Vincent Sin Weng Seng(マカオ當下未來影展2018年度入選作品)
冼 永昇 / Vincent Sin Weng Seng(マカオ當下未來影展2018年度入選作品)
黃 榮俊 / WONG WENG CHON(マカオ當下未來影展2018年度入選作品)
由良 泰人 / Yasuto Yura(映像作家、教員)
Younghee Shin(Student)
Yüiho Umeoka(ヴィデオアーティスト)
さとうゆか / Yuka Sato(アニメーション作家)
後藤 由香里 / Yukari Goto(会社員)
岡澤 侑希 / Yuki Okazaki(学生)
昼間 行雄 / Yukio Hiruma(映像作家、教員)
前原 佑柾 / Yuma Maehara(映像作家)
小林 優美子 / Yumiko Kobayashi(社会人(映像編集職))
三木 由也 / Yuya Miki(フリーランス (写真/映像) )
三ツ星レストランの残飯 / ZANPANO(珍妙映像作家)
Zoyeon(art student)